Patient-Nurse Wireless Calling System

SOLT wireless calling system is currently the most top-of-the-line and stable premium wireless calling system in the global market.

Such systems are used in health clinics, SPA, Wellness and resorts to provide clients comfort.

The wireless calling system operating principle.

The system components (buttons, pagers, call display , corridor lamps) are connected wirelessly. This allows the system to work over large areas without installation and cable route deployment.  

The button cases are produced in different shapes and colours. Some of them are hermetic, envisaged for installation in wet premises, they also can be used by the disabled. When the button is pressed, all the receiving devices (the pager, the main indicator board, the corridor lamp) receive the information.

The main indicator board installed in the nurse’s station shows the number. This number usually refers to a hospital bed or ward number where the help is required.  It is accompanied by a sound signal.

The health worker’s pager and the main indicator board show the same information. Upon receiving a call, pager vibrates and emits a sound signal. It can be worn on the wrist or attached to a belt.  

The corridor lamp is easily customized and can work in different reporting modes. The standard and urgent calls can be accompanied by indication of different colours (red/ blue/ green). The lamp can emit, if necessary, a sound signal until the confirmation of the call service.

All the events can be displayed and recorded by a special program.

Statistics format:
- call date and time;
- ward/remote control location;
- response time for a patient.
(It’s connected to a personal computer via radio modem SOLT SR5-MPR.) Statistical information may be uploaded in Excel format.

The quantity of connected devices (transmitters; receivers) for constructing a unified system is not limited. The default working distance of the system is 150 meters. It can be increased through installation of extra signal repeaters SR5-BPR.
In the production of SOLT calling system reliable and modern microelectronic components are used. It guarantees fault tolerance and long useful life.

The approximate duration without replacement of the batteries CR2032 / CR2450 is two years, with 15 calls a day on average.
The system doesn’t require special skills for installation and is easy to use.




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