Protected equipment

Some models are protected against the intrusion of water, dust, resistant to cold and sunlight.

Produced in South Korea

SOLT - high manufacturing standards and attention to details

Energy efficiency

Continuous operation without replacing batteries.

Stable overcoming of interferences

Texas Instruments industrial radio module resistant to interferences

The functional purpose of the SOLT staff call system is to reduce the efforts of customers to obtain the required service or assistance! Therefore, consumer loyalty and financial performance of the company are growing.

In marketing terms, it can be described as follows:


Customer Satisfaction Index



Customer Effort Score



Key Performance Indicators
It determines the probability of repeat purchase of the product and the positive recommendation to his/her friends and acquaintances.

The less effort a person makes to satisfy his/her needs, the higher his/her commitment to a company that has made life easier will be.


Control of business activity of employees, units and the company as a whole.

Personal pagers, staff call buttons and consoles, monitoring and control panels, warning lights are the basic elements in the construction of Staff Call Systems, Service Quality Assessment System, Warning Systems, in the construction of Andon systems at production sites.



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